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Writing Service Privacy Policy

The privacy statement of our company explains how we gather the information of our clients and then use their personal information for further use and interaction. We will use the rights to access, update and limit the personal information of the users. 

We only gather the information that you allow us to view. The process works like we collect the information when you click on the option to submit data through the contact form. For instance, when you click on the sign up to receive emails or interact with us through the social media sites or either place order for getting our products, then all the information of the user is retrieved by our system.

If you are visiting or using the website of our company, the social media pages or other web pages then you need to comply with the laws and ethical standards that we have set. This means that you are bounded by the terms that we have proposed in the Policy statement. The terms of the policy that we have mentioned here and other requirements need to be fulfilled when you agree to accept the terms and conditions that we have mentioned. In case of a breach, the company reserves the right to strict action. Therefore, make sure that you use our platform if you can adhere to the principles and conditions that are mentioned in the Agreements.